Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Tucker turned 2!

Tucker is officially 2…about 2 months ago.  Oops.  I am a little behind.  

So we ended up just celebrating with my side of the family and had James' parents come also.  The Stevens clan is just TOO big.  We ended up just celebrating it the next Sunday dinner.

We of course had to go with a construction themed party.  It was only fitting for cute Tucker.  He know ALL the names of his tools and carries them around trying to fix things.  So cute, but NOT cute when he chips your paint from hammering too hard.

I took a cake decorating class a few years ago and was planning on using that skill to make all my kids bday cakes.  Tuckers first birthday last year it didn't happen.  Rewind and you will remember I wasn't feeling my best since I had just found out I was pregnant with Weston.  Oh how time flies.
So I was determined to make the cake this year.  I got ideas off of Pinterest, bought some cute stuff and went with it.  I thought it turned out great and he remembers it to this day.  That's all that counts.

The kids were fascinated by the cake and kept wanting to eat it.  

One of many pics just chillin'. He is seriously the happiest, cutest baby!

Tuck got many gifts (which we DON'T need, but appreciate).  We got him a Little People car ramp toy.

Grandma Sailor spoils him with clothes, this ADORABLE pillow case and 3 CAT trucks with he is STILL obsessed with!

Gram and Gramps Stevens gave him this tool puzzle and balls.  They know what Tucker likes!

 Aunt Jody and Uncle Brad gave him a Spiderman house which he loves!

Those are the only pics of the gifts but he also got a Little People Airplane from Aunt Debbie, a Batman helicopter from Aunt Sara, a Mega Blocks Wagon from Aunt Heidi, a little castle from Aunt Annie, and a puzzle from Aunt Jess.  Yeah…just a little spoiled!  Between this and Christmas I had to box up almost all of his old toys just to make room for these ones! 

Funny how we sang to Tuck, he blew out the candles and all he wanted were the trucks on it.  Later that night we realized he didn't even eat any of it! Haha…oops.  Oh well, he didn't mind.

Everyone was a little exhausted from all the fun…especially Weston.  

I can't believe Tuck is already 2!  He has grown up so fast!  It seems like once Wes was born time just sped up!  He grew up so quickly once Wes was born.  He is talking so much now, I love it!  Well…most of the time!  I love when he says "I wuv you" and when I ask him where something is at he says "Dunno"  and then goes and looks for it and says "truck (or whatever it is), where are you?".  I love how he talks to Wes and genuinely loves him and tells him that and hugs and kisses him and asks to hold him on his lap.  I love how he loves to cuddle now with me.  He loves getting his tummy tickled.  And he loves playing with my hair and tickling my head when he is trying to fall asleep.  He is very athletic and can throw a football straight and kick a soccer ball straight almost every time.  There are so many more things I love about this kid, but not enough time.  I need to remind myself of these things when I am just about ready to cry I am so frustrated with him.  
I don't know what I would do with my Tucker.  I am excited for what the next year will bring!

Monday, November 11, 2013

Arizona fun in the sun!

We love going to Arizona to visit James' sister Jen and her family over Halloween or Thanksgiving!  Two reasons: Weather is amazing and such fun holidays to celebrate with family!
We got there on Wed Oct 30 at night so we didn't do anything that night but settle in.  The airport and flight experience was excellent!  Wes slept a lot of the time and Tuck we entertained pretty well.  The next day, Halloween, we went to Emma and Easton's school for their Halloween parade.  (Easton is in 6th Grade and Emma is in 4th)  Then later that night we carved pumpkins. 
Here is Tucker getting in on the action
James gutted the pumpkin and I was just suppose to draw the minion on the pumpkin so he could carve it.  I ended up drawing the minion and cutting it.  I just got carried away and kept going!  James didn't mind a bit!
 Tuck ended up being a minion for Halloween.  The costume was easy!  I thought it turned out pretty cute.  He loved the pumpkin container for the treats.  He was ready to go!
 Emma was the cutest skeleton I had ever seen! 
 Tuck standing next to the minion pumpkin
 I thought this photo was funny...his head is down but the goggles are his eyes.
 Emma was his little trick or treating buddy!  She is soooo good with him and can't wait until she is older so I can borrow her to babysit when she is in town!
 This was his first house trick or treating to.  He caught on REALLY quick and loved it!
 The trick or treating clan. (minus Jen who is taking the pic and Nash(their dog)
 We left Wes back at the house with Greg and when we got back, look who had him!  He woke up and cousin Hailey snatched him right up!
 My little minion
 Emma LOVES Wes too! 
 The next day we went to this place that sells pumpkins and has a bunch of fun activities.  I think it's a lot like Cornbelly's (but I have never been there)
Tuck loved these little peddle go carts! 
 James drove him around as well as pushed him. 
 Tuck was in heaven!
 Then to top it off, they had these HUGE slides!  Tuck would walk up the massive staircase and go down all by himself!  And they went really fast too!  I have a daredevil on my hands!
 This is me and my amazing sister in law Jen!  She is such a great host and she always makes it so fun when we visit!  We wished they lived closer though!
 Jen and Emma and James and Tucker doing the teter totter.
 The had the big blow up trampoline thing too.  Emma is far left with Tucker, then James, then Easton then Jen.
 Kennedy (or Weezy as we call her), was our little baby whisperer.  You could always count on her to get Wes asleep.  Love her  and wish she lived closer so she could come babysit!
 This is Jen's oldest, Hailey (18 years old).  She was nominated homecoming queen and this was her before she left to go to the homecoming game to ride around the football field and find out if she won.  So fun!  She is absolutely gorgeous inside and out!
 On our way to the game.  Tuck has a new love of football.  Uh-oh
 It was the cutest thing...when we got to the game, Weezy (15 years old) came and found us and wanted to take Wes to show him off to her friends!  SO CUTE!  Seriously, what 15 year old does that!  I love her!
 Guess who won Homecoming Queen??  So happy for her!  She really was so laid back about the whole thing and really didn't care if she won or not.  I know that she is a great example to her peers and she doesn't even realize it!  She is so nice to EVERYONE and stays away from all the high school drama.  If I have girls, I would love to have them turn out like these Erickson girls!  Good job Jen and Greg!
 Jen had to have a chance to cuddle with Wes.
 Hailey loves her cousins!
 Saturday it was fun to see Hailey getting ready for the dance.
 It was awesome because Jen sent James and I away so we could have a little day date.  We went to the Arizona Mills mall and shopped a little and ate at the Rainforest CafĂ©.  We came back and Tuck was OUT like a light!  He slept for a good 4 hours!
Emma even got Wes asleep!  Great little helpers!
 Hailey and Jen before Hailey is off to the Homecoming Dance.
 Time have DEFINITELY changed since I was in high school!  They now do a Day Date on a different day than the dance.  So they went on their date the week before and did dinner and the dance the following week.  CRAZY!  look how huge the group was!  Hailey is the 4th one in from the right.
 Her and her cute date Max.  (Now her Boyfriend;))  We approve!
 Cute sisters!
 Emma feeding Wes for the first time!  She did a great job!
 The boys' first bath together!
 Such a great Aunt! 

 Went to check out the new Gilbert Temple.  Not opened yet, but gorgeous!
 She just couldn't get enough of Wes!

 The whole clan.  It was good having Max there so we could get a pic of the whole group!
 Monday we headed to the zoo.  Tuck was ready....
 James not so much! haha.  J/k  He just looks so enthused in this pic!

 They had a petting zoo and Tuck had to get to know ALL the goats!

 We forgot the stroller and rented this stroller and tried putting Wes in the canopy shade! It worked well for a while!

 Love this!

 Tram ride
 Cute siblings

 Tuck loved the carousel.  This was his second time on one.  The first time he went with my sister when I was in the hospital with Wes.  He did NOT love it then!
 He even got to pet a stingray
 The stingray splashed Tuck REALLY good!  He didn't even cry!

 Bonding time
 Tuck LOVES being with the boys! 
 Hailey was getting Wes to dance. 
 This pic is out of order, but here is a better pic of the temple
 And of Wes in the canopy chilling at the zoo.
We had such a BLAST on this trip!  It was fun to be there for Halloween, the Halloween parade, the homecoming game where Hailey won queen, the dance, Hailey getting a spot to go to the Dominican Republic next summer to do Humanitarian work!  I loved that older girls melted over Wes and the younger kids entertained Tuck!  Our flight out on Monday was delayed almost  hours so we rebooked it for the next day which worked out PERFECT since Greg was flying to Utah on business too.  So we were on the same flight.  We didn't mind at all staying another day!  We wish we could have stayed longer!  The flight home was good up until the descent.  James had to turn off Toy Story and that was Tucker's breaking point!  He was so tired!!  It was so embarrassing but I didn't care.  Kids have a mind of their own and he did good the first or so!  It was a GREAT trip!  Now back to reality...